mirror on the wall. state of the art loves us all

The mystery is song of the heart pure and to pour the What’s meant to mr like ice and bag once full of salt. Or a push and a pull for a walk. The syndicated only has indicated there’s not enough of expression living among the living able to talk the waves of airwaves radio And internet talk and sign on blog result. The things You can do than line up like dead and wash away chalk. How can the Joel in a I support When early for whenever decide me would early present false or Google-eyed sided hit by a run goingcar. The very once before were not my songs Just the drifters of all along being beat out of me slaved to be days of repeat like will made for pain relief. As angry as I am to thieves. When upon some of what was one in too deep as explain cannot meet unless grace saves the blame for speak and knowing both what both are both gone a going to ask meet toschedule continue to view and to who you meet increase as the stares of there on the street. For there is Joel on all size of sides of all beliefs and none of his value and is as incontinue for one of his dead grandfather’s dream of what is is always just seems on the unsure of what he means is like the thought no one wanted to speak. Judge him as if he knew you knew he wouldn’t keep. It is quiet quite simple to defeat himself he feats. Looks like I was also used to put everyones to sleep. Thoughts are silent until they are violently interuptted by deducted smoke screens with tongues to laugh as have that sweet.

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