what will the keyboard deleter haveto retrieve from I.T. or it

do i make you think into soul as to step out of Time. First I was blank traVeling through the minds on the first and last thought of vibes. The science of grace and rhytm to race do viens explain our lives. Just in case you don’t make thed cut, and then want your winner tens to paste on the side. The post far and in fetch that left my aRms streched open wide. The rest is on Post road as eyes closed the mind. Don’t get flashy to ask me to be left jealous as if theft was not a god bless and either way yes everyone except for me after I brung my timeless style. But don’t stay too far in the grace of hell on which you have be homo and switch the roads to hell are deep on the ends depend on the wide. Just get back to walk the line. Grace is yours it mine

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